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Popeye had spinach, you have Beta Red!

Formulated to help endurance athletes optimize performance and decrease fatigue, Beta Red combines the nitrate power of beets with key performance-boosting amino acids for a potent synergistic effect to supercharge your workout or race. 

Research-proven ingredients Studies have shown Beta Red’s ingredients to have the following effects when consumed prior to exercise:

  • Improve aerobic efficiency – allow you to do more work for a given amount of oxygen 
  • Increase muscular endurance
  • Delay fatigue and improve sprint performance at the end of an exhaustive workout

Stimulant-free Unlike other pre-workout formulas that get most of their effects from caffeine, Beta Red is free of stimulants. We left them out since individual tolerances vary widely. Two hundred milligrams of caffeine may be perfect for your training partner, while anything more than 50 milligrams may be too much for you. Besides, we'd rather enjoy a nice cup of coffee and get the added health benefits not found in supplemental caffeine when looking for a buzz.

Athlete tested Designed for and tested by world-class competitors to deliver real-world results. Since our athletes compete at the highest level, Beta Red is also free of banned substances and safe for drug-tested competitors.

New double-serving packets as well as 20- and 30-serving pouches We now have a size to fit everyone's needs -- whether you prefer the convenience of individual packets or the economy of larger packaging.

Made in Colorado  We're proud to live where some of the best endurance athletes train. It allows us to test and refine our product on some of the best proving grounds anywhere. Making our products here allows us to update them at a moments notice based on our athletes' feedback.

All-natural  No artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. 

Recommended use for pouches:  Mix 1 scoop with 8 ounces water and drink 60-90 minutes before training. May be doubled prior to racing and intense training. Consume every 2 hours during long races and training sessions.

Recommended use for packets: Use half of a packet (1 serving) in 16 oz of water for standard training and an entire packet (2 servings / a.k.a. 'race dose') before your hardest workouts and races.

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