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When Everything Changed: How I Realized the Importance of Nutrition

A little more than 8 years ago, I found myself absolutely exhausted in my daily life. I always felt like I was in need of a nap, regardless of whether or not it was a training day. At the time, I was in the midst of a lengthy career in the biotech industry as a desk-bound researcher who was also a road warrior with a full weekly travel schedule. Between my flights to and from Denver, Raleigh, and other cities across North America, I was also trying to maintain a robust training schedule that sometimes even included renting a bike for a local ride in whatever city I was visiting for work.

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Anne Galyean Interview: Finding Balance

For those of you who don't follow the mountain bike racing scene closely, Anne is one of the top North American enduro riders. She's also a scientist with a PhD in studying nanoparticles in the environment who currently works at an environmental toxicology consulting firm. Quite the combination. There's far more to her than just being a super-smart mountain biker, however. Anne likes to commit 100% to whatever she does -- no holding back. If she can challenge preconceived notions in the process, it's even better. I've recently gotten to know Anne and decided an interview was in order to give everyone a better picture of what makes this unique individual tick.

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Switching it Up

If you're like most working cyclists, you're winter workouts are confined to an indoor, stationary trainer, which can lead to mental fatigue over time. Coach Daniel Matheny has some great tips for building fitness by interjecting variety into your workouts to keep you fresh and make you stronger. You don't need to grow bored in order gain fitness.

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Metabolic Flexibility by Daniel Matheny

How can an athlete gain the advantages from following a low-carb / high-fat diet without suffering from its disadvantages? Consider this approach an attempt at metabolic flexibility. The intent is to up-regulate fat oxidation while not substantially down-regulating glycogen utilization. It’s not completely proven yet, although there is a growing body of research and current studies likely ongoing. In my eyes the principal holds some possibilities and with the limited but promising results I’ve witnessed, I’m willing to keep it in my arsenal of coaching tools.

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