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When our founder, Brian Maslach, decided to develop Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula, he began with deep, exhaustive research. He reviewed countless studies to determine which ingredients would have the most potent effects on improving performance. Over 18 months were spent testing ingredients and almost as many prototype formulas to develop the best pre-workout product possible for endurance athletes.

Betaine performance benefits

In our new blog series, we share some of this research and explain how Beta Red improves aerobic and anaerobic energy production. We started off the series looking at Citrulline Malate. If you missed it, you can check it out here. 

Today, we turn the spotlight to Betaine, another potent amino acid in Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula. 

Betaine got its name because it was discovered in beetroot (it’s the main nitrogen-containing component in sugar beets). Betaine is also found, albeit in lesser amounts, in many other healthy foods, such as whole grains, spinach, and avocados.   

Research shows that betaine consumption improves muscular endurance, protects against dehydration, allows you to better tolerate heat, and protects your heart – all extremely valuable benefits for the typical endurance athlete.

In one study active college-aged men were asked to perform various power and endurance exercises. One group was given Betaine supplementation and a control group was given a placebo. The men performed the exercises before supplementation began and then at one-week intervals for three weeks. 

The study showed that betaine supplementation improved muscle endurance. This study concludes: 

“Two-weeks of betaine supplementation in active, college males appeared to improve muscle endurance of the squat exercise, and increase the quality of repetitions performed.”

In another study male runners were intentionally dehydrated and then rehydrated at different times with fluids that both contained and did not contain betaine. The subjects then performed prolonged treadmill running as well as a sprint to exhaustion. The study concludes: 

“Observations indicated that rehydration with fluids containing betaine resulted in significant differences of plasma volume, oxygen consumption, plasma lactate concentration, and thermal sensation.”

These are all positive factors and will allow one to perform better.

betaine performance benefits

A third study tested the effects of betaine supplementation on guys who lift weights regularly. Before and after each treatment period, tests of lower- and upper-body muscular power and isometric force were conducted, including a test of upper-body muscular endurance (10 sets of bench press exercise to failure). The study found that:  

“Betaine supplementation results in a moderate increase in total repetitions and volume load in the bench press exercise, without favorably impacting other performance measures.”

Finally, a meta-analysis of randomized placebo-controlled trials that used daily betaine supplementation to identify the range in betaine's effects on lowering homocysteine. This study concludes: 

“Supplementation with at least 4g/d of betaine for a minimum of 6 weeks can lower plasma homocysteine.”

In other words, betaine is cardioprotective – meaning it protects the heart. Betaine converts homocysteine – high levels of which are a risk factor for heart and blood vessel disease – to L-methionine, which is a powerful antioxidant. 

Betaine Performance Benefits

These studies, as well as others (hey, this is a blog post, not a book), make a compelling case for betaine. More importantly, we’ve seen real-world results amongst ourselves and the elite athletes with whom we test our products. This is why we chose to include it in Beta Red Pre-Workout Formula. 

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