Desert Season!

Late fall and spring in Colorado are considered desert season since it's usually prime time to grab your mountain bike and head to Grand Junction, Moab, or Sedona. I took the cue, loaded up my gear, and made a beeline to Arizona last weekend where I've been enjoying blue skies, short-sleeve temperatures, and some of the best mountain bike trails you can find. And thanks to local friends, I've been getting personal tours of their favorite trails.

The highlight was getting to ride Transcept, which had just opened. The following images are a glimpse of my rides. Hopefully these will remind those who've been here how great it is and motivate those who haven't to get here. 

Sedona Red Rocks Adobe Jack

The first thing you notice when in Sedona is the amazing view in every direction. It's breathtaking. This view is from the Adobe Jack Trail System.


Another great view, this time from the bank of Oak Creek.


The water was frigid, and, as always, the river bottom was extremely slippery.


Arrow needed trail maintenance after tangling with a cactus.


Mike and Cara were guides for my first ride on Sedona's newest trail: Transcent! If you like rugged, technical riding, put this one on your list.


Looking down on Transcept from Hiline.


Decisions, decisions.


Having a talk with Arrow while Mike's shadow stands guard.


Snowbirds were all over the place.


Seven Sacred Pools

A few of the Seven Sacred Pools.


In case you were wondering.


It's good to have friends who have your back.



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