Spotlight: Beta Red Pre-Workout Orange

Beta Red Orange at Pikes Peak Marathon

Beta Red Pre-Workout Orange has been available for a few months now, but some of you have yet to try it. This formula has the same powerful beet juice / amino acid blend as the original to take your performance to the next level, but with a refreshing citrus flavor. While we love the clean beet flavor of the original Beta Red, we wanted some variety since we drink it most days. This new flavor is great alone and in recipes. It compliments our favorite smoothie recipes really well. We've also had some other great recipes using it -- like Matt Cusack's Beta Red Orange Cranberry Muffins.

Unlike other pre-workout formulas that get most of their effect from caffeine, Beta Red is free of stimulants. We left them out since individual tolerances vary widely. Two hundred milligrams of caffeine may be perfect for your training partner, while anything more than 50 milligrams may be too much for you. Besides, we'd rather enjoy a nice cup of coffee when looking for a buzz and get the added health benefits not found in supplemental caffeine.

We use research-proven quantities of effective ingredients to create the most effective pre-workout formula for endurance athletes. Beta Red combines the nitrate power of beets with key performance-boosting amino acids (Beta alanine, Citrulline malate, and Betaine) for a potent synergistic effect to supercharge your workout or race. 

What exactly does it do? Studies have shown Beta Red's ingredients to improve aerobic efficiency and muscular endurance. This means you'll be able to ride, run, and swim further and faster during your next workout or race. It's also helpful for those offseason gym sessions.

Beta Red Orange


You may feel a light tingling sensation on your skin within 30 minutes of consuming Beta Red. If this irritates you, consuming Beta Red with carbohydrate-rich foods will lessen the effect.

Regardless of whether you feel anything, you will be able to produce more aerobic power. If you use a cycling power meter, this can easily measured. If you're not able to quantify power, you can measure the distance covered during your favorite workout.

Some users may also notice a reddish tint to their urine (known as beeturia) after consuming Beta Red. This is normal after consuming beetroot extract and is due to excretion of the red pigments that give beets their color.


Drink 1 to 2 servings 90 minutes prior to training and racing. For events longer than 3 hours, additional doses may be consumed during the event. Beta Red can be mixed with a traditional carbohydrate/electrolyte formula for consumption during prolonged training and racing. For such events, we recommend a serving for every additional 2 hours of activity.


As with all of our products, you can try Beta Red Orange risk free with our 100% money-back guarantee. And, for a limited time, we are including free Beta Red Original Double-Serving Packets (normally $4.99 each) at no charge when you order Beta Red Orange. Order a 20-serving Beta Red Orange and get 1 free Beta Red Original Packet, or order a 30-serving Beta Red Orange and get 2 free Beta Red Original Packets. We will add free packets prior to shipping.

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